Sounds of Thinking Hands (2015) and Svira Blå (2014)

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Svira Blå (2014) Dancer: Hanna Bylund

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Sounds of thinking hands (2015) Performed in Almedals biblioteket in Visby.

Project by Anna E Weiser (composer, soundartist, vocalist). I was invited to the project as a textile artist and as an illustrator. My action of drawing is the foundation of the concert. The musicians imitate the sound and movement of my pencil. A delicate musical performance where artists, musicians and dancers meets.

”As a composer and musician I search for lines and continuity in the music, the energy that carries the musical course through the room. In this project I would like to explore the idea of letting the musicians listen and follow the musicality of a drawing hand, a concert initiated by the intelligence of the hand.”

Anna E Weiser

I choose to work from the idea of making a drawn musical score. Each sheet of paper in the series of drawings turns into a new sheet and then build a new picture. Beat by beat the drawings together creates a dynamic piece. A figurative paraphrase of a musical progression.

I also created and designed the soundmaking-costume for dancer Hanna Bylund. This ”piece, within the piece”; Svira Blå was also presented as a separate piece during the Textile Sound Festival in Borås (2014).

Here is a slideshow of the concert.

All images photographed by: Staffan Enström & Rickard Åstedt.